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One new gameplay movie for Super Mario Strikers added.

It's about time I picked up a GC-GB Player.

Currently playing: Battalion Wars (GCN), Tales of Symphonia (GCN), Super Mario Strikers (GCN)




Currently playing: Battalion Wars (GCN), Tales of Symphonia (GCN), Super Mario Strikers (GCN)


Sections for Mario Superstar Baseball and Super Mario Strikers have been added, with the appropriate CG intro's.

I have final exams next week. 3 of them on Monday, in fact. OH NOES!

Currently playing: Battalion Wars (GCN), Tales of Symphonia (GCN), Super Mario Strikers (GCN), TimeSplitters: Future Perfect (GCN)


Weird things have been going on with my host and the domain names and crap like that. Try not to use direct -- n/m, FIXED!!

Currently playing: Battalion Wars (GCN), Tales of Symphonia (GCN)


The Battalion Wars CG intro plus 3 widescreen gameplay clips are available.

Blow stuff up! SHOOT EVERYTHING!! -- but with strategy. And hilarious characters.

Currently playing: Battalion Wars (GCN)


I've got some Battalion Wars media on the horizon. I know, I'm late. But hey, the game is AWESOME, and it's gonna keep me busy for a long time, maybe as long as Tales. I dig it.

Probably becuz I have so little time.

Currently playing: Battalion Wars (GCN)


Beat killer7 and Geist a while ago; love them both. The only game I'm playing with any focus at the moment would be Tales of Phantasia, cuz I deleted my earlier quest that I hadn't touched in over a year, and I still wanted to explore the series' roots.

Progress Report: I'm past the "halfway point" in terms of editing for my Resident Evil music video. I've finished capturing thru both RE and RE Zero adventures, which has been absolutely the most time-consuming part of the project considering the countless hours "wasted" on reloading and replaying the same sequence over and over again just to get a *random occurrence* captured properly -- or at all. Many already know how long it takes these stupid games to load up from the point of resetting till the time you're allowed to walk around. I'm sick of seeing "You must survive in order to expose this ---" BS. There's very few reasons for me to revisit the games in any extended capacity, mainly to capture anything interesting from Leech Hunter or see the rewards of Real Survival mode or anything else I randomly happen to think of. I have 3 memory cards full of save files for both games. From this point on, my main responsibility is to sit down with pencil, paper, and Premiere -- to continue brainstorming and editing till this thing's complete. Personally, I'm very pleased with the current results, and I hope it'll continue to maintain its energy thru the 2nd half of the song. But my fall semester, which started this week, presents the usual time-consumption problems.

Currently playing: Tales of Phantasia (SNES)


Added the TGS 2004 trailer and the "Smiths" trailer for killer7, also replaced the TGS 2004 trailer and the "spoiler trailer" for Resident Evil 4 with new encodes thanks to better source material. Finally, added the 5min video of the "cancelled" version of Resident Evil 4, the one with the "Hook" dude. All of the above were from the Biohazard 4 "Making of" promo DVD released in Japan.

I've been busy with my Residen Evil music video. I'll have more to say about it this month.

Currently playing: Tales of Phantasia (SNES)


Added some killer7 media.

Wow. Yikes. WTF. Yes, I'm loving this game.

Currently playing: killer7 (GCN)


Some DS trailers from the Aug. '05 Nintendo Power DVD: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Lost in Blue, Nintendogs, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and Trauma Center: Under the Knife.

Currently playing: Worms 3D (GCN)


Thanks to the August 2005 issue of Nintendo Power, there's another bunch of trailers to be added. For now there's One Piece: Grand Battle, Zatch Bell!, and Viewitful Joe: VFX Battle (Battle Carnival?). A selection of DS trailers is in the next batch. Additionally, I've updated the Zelda: Twilight Princess E3 trailer using the DVD version as the source, so it's no longer the pixelated garbage that was on the E3 press kit.

Currently playing: NOTHING


I've updated the Cube Media page to include all the Nintendo DS listings now.

Back to THE VIDEO!

Currently playing: NOTHING


Most of Nintendo's DS/E3 trailers are available on the download page. I'll add the previews when I have time. Nintendogs and Another Code/Trace Memory will be the last two of the bunch. After that, we can expect some trailers off of the bonus DVD that comes with the latest Nintendo Power issue.

In other news, DivX Networks recently released DivX 6, making the move to only support Windows XP/2000 from now on, leaving my underpowered, outdated, but trusty Win98SE system to be devoured by the merciless jaws of time. Or something like that. Don't worry, I won't give in to their silly newfangled system requirements. I can't afford those sorts of upgrades anyway.

Currently playing: NOTHING


The preview pages for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Kirby GC, Chibi-Robo, Battalion Wars, and Geist have been appropriately updated. I think those are all the Cube/E3 trailers I want to add. DS trailers will come next time.

Currently playing: NOTHING


I've added a handful of E3 2005 trailers including Zelda: Twilight Princess, Fire Emblem, Kirby, Chibi-Robo, Battalion Wars, and Geist. The preview pages aren't updated yet, but the videos are available on the download page.

BTW, you'll notice that every E3 2k5 Twilight Princess trailer on the internet is somewhat grainy, including mine. That's becuz the source file that Nintendo gave out to everyone was grainy. GRRRRR, Nintendo BAKA.. I'd like to express my thanks to _______ for hooking me up with the source files of these E3 trailers. Thanks!

Currently playing: NOTHING


"I'm not quite dead! I think I can pull through, Sir!"

Final exams finished up some time ago and I was on vacation in Las Vegas with some friends last week. Good stuff. Got a few updates planned for this month. I noticed I managed to skip the month of May entirely. Now back to work!

Currently playing: Mario Kart: Double-Dash!! (GCN), Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (GCN), Resident Evil 4 (GCN)



Progress Report: With the time off I had from spring break, which ended about a week ago, I was able to edit/complete roughly the first 2min out of 5min (based on the 5min song I chose) of my Resident Evil music video ("THE VIDEO"). 2min is a great amount, which also gives me a feel for what the finished product will be like, but there's still lots to do with so little dedicated time becuz of school. It also seems THE VIDEO will have my longest run length to date. I'm not done capturing from Resident Evil Zero yet, but I have plenty of footage to work with in the meantime. Becca & Billy are on Disc 2, and they're ready to rock-n-roll with the Giant Bat at the chapel.

Currently playing: NOTHING


One long Tales of Symphonia fight video added. I did it for fun.

LOTS of editing to do this week cuz it's SPRING BREAK. It's about time.

Currently playing: Resident Evil 4 (GCN), Tales of Symphonia (GCN)


Video of the bonus costumes in Resident Evil 4 added. Checkout the game's "ballistics."

Made some nice progress with THE VIDEO this week. The easy part's over, now the real meat begins.

Currently playing: Resident Evil 4 (GCN), Tales of Symphonia (GCN)


Media for Pikmin 2, including the CG intro, added.

Yes, I've been keeping myself busy. And yeah, I really am working on THE VIDEO.

Currently playing: Resident Evil 4 (GCN), Mario Power Tennis (GCN), Mario Party 6 (GCN), Tales of Symphonia (GCN)



A bunch of Pikmin 2 trailers will be added in the near future. And maybe some other nice things.

Currently playing: Resident Evil 4 (GCN), Mario Power Tennis (GCN)



Update your links with the new permanent address http://ssv.jaccinc.com, where you and I will not be bothered by the oppression of conspicuous page-tracking-killing site-design-vandalism.

I'll shutdown the Yahoo/Geocities/jackasses mirror within a week.

Currently playing: Tales of Symphonia (GCN), Resident Evil 4 (GCN)



Also added the Viewtiful Joe 2 36 Chambers of Viewtiful clip a couple days ago. I've hardly worked on the RE vid since school started a couple weeks ago. It'll be done when it's done. Enjoy the screenshots in the meantime.

Currently playing: Tales of Symphonia (GCN), Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GCN), Resident Evil 4 (GCN)


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Viewtiful Joe 2 media added.

Mondays suck.

Currently playing: Tales of Symphonia (GCN), Viewtiful Joe 2 (GCN), Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GCN)


Some MP2:E and VJ2 media coming up.

Why can't vacation last for 2 years?

Currently playing: Tales of Symphonia (GCN), Viewtiful Joe 2 (GCN), Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GCN)


The intro and one last trailer for Resident Evil 4 have been added.

My emerald blue import GameCube controller from Japan hasn't shipped yet. WHY?!

Currently playing: Tales of Symphonia (GCN), Resident Evil 4 (GCN), Viewtiful Joe 2 (GCN)


I have Resident Evil 4.


Currently playing: Tales of Symphonia (GCN)


Progress Report: I'm practically done with all RE1 capturing. I'll revisit it later to investigate some Hunter oddities and to do Invisible Enemy and Real Survivor modes (in under 5 hours, each). In RE0, I'm past the Scorpion boss. I have 13gigs of video at this point.

Some screen caps next time.

Currently playing: Tales of Symphonia (GCN), Viewtiful Joe 2 (GCN)

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