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title: ED: "The Unofficial Trailer" --- most recent
Completed: May 2004
Length: 3min 55sec

It's not much, but here it is: a preview trailer for Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. After revisiting Nintendo's official E3 2002 trailer, I told myself "man, that sucked," and remembered that ED's advertising was pretty weak, and therefore the game sold like crap. Though it earned critical success, there was hardly any decent/interesting downloadable media to spread around. OK, fine, since Nintendo didn't so great of a job, I decided to make something of my own. I wish I had finished this vid years sooner, just as I wish more of the right gamers bought & experienced this game.
This is a trailer, not a music video, so it wasn't meant to come across as fancifully as a music video would. Its job is to give you a sense of what the game's about, the mood of the game (adventure gaming!), and a brief preview of the characters/environments. Many of the cuts/scenes are intentionally a little drawn-out (not too long, but not too short) to give one time to identify the look of the characters, the look of the stages, and some kinds of events/actions -- but not give away anymore story details (no Sanity Effects are shown, either). I rejected my original idea of making a music video since ED, visually, wasn't a very action-packed game to begin with. My favorite aspects of the game -- exploration, atmosphere details, and Sanity Effects -- I thought wouldn't translate well into a music vid, since they're mainly things that are only understandable when you play the game yourself. Hopefully, this vid makes the game look interesting; this is what I tried NOT to make. All the important audio & video in my trailer can be found within the ED game. "THIS IS THE END FOR YOU, HE-MAN!!"

title: Destiny, Begin
Completed: July 2003
Length: 4min 53sec

Here's a piece I delayed for over a year, cuz I was too lazy sit down with it. Yu Suzuki's Shenmue for Dreamcast I thought was an incredible experience, and given the wealth of visuals it provides, it seemed natural to make a video for it. Pretty much a visual review of the game, like Maboroshi Studios' work with Macross Plus, I used "Night Flight" from the "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" soundtrack to audibly walk through it. More gamers should realize the Shenmue series is well-worth checking out.
Please have your speaker volume up high enough to hear the "quieter" instruments in the music. The intro portion was originally created during summer vacation of 2002. I hardly looked at it until the following winter, when I started to replay the game to capture footage. Only about 1% of the game was actually played before I delayed it altogether again due to lack of focus. Summer of 2003 finally rolled around, I resumed work on it and I found my second play through the adventure much more enjoyable than the first. I understood the game more and as a result saw more to appreciate. Thanks to that, I found the motivation to finish the project. I've got "big" plans for Shenmue II, and I'll be sure to give [the project] the attention it deserves...
Shenmue music videos, video

title: got melee?
Completed: February 2002
Length: 3min 33sec

Super Smash Bros. Melee's Camera Mode is such an awesome feature -- I would never've tried to make this kind of a video had it not been included in the game. This was inspired by the various trailers, commercials, previews and profiles shown in Japan, the E3 2001 Nintendo Preshow, and on the game disc. It's me having fun, basically. Green Day's "Bastket Case" made a fitting musical choice thanks to its lively personality, providing an alternate expression of the game's enjoyable personality.
My emphasis is on the characters & camerawork, not the actual editing. There's so much personality to the characters that I let them do the "talking", rather than my editing software. Players will know what I mean. The action is only loosely guided by the lyrics, for the sake of attachment and audience attention. I left the sound FX in to let you "bond" with the characters a bit. Yes, I directed all the footage using me and my 3 GameCube controllers only. Some parts were admittedly tough to capture. To top it off, 99% of the music video portion is composed of gameplay footage.
Super Smash Bros. Melee music videos, video

title: N-Racing
Completed: June 2001
Length: 3min 35sec

A fun "action" vid featuring the N64's best over-the-top racers: Mario Kart 64, Beetle Adventure Racing, and Excitebike 64. Toss in "The Kids Aren't Alright" by The Offspring to enliven that healthy sense of speed. Lots of crazy racing-type stuff (stunts, crashes, 720-spins, etc). Now, have you gotten the most out of these games yet?
Quite a bit of play time went into this project as well. You DO NOT realize how many times I switched cartridges on my N64. Unfortunately, issues of N64's 20fps output plagued my capturing (Excitebike64 was fine at 30fps, unlike all other N64 games) screwing up the fluidity of certain captured motions. Concerning the current DivX5 build, the image quality isn't great in comparison to the other videos here, since the source footage wasn't great to begin with. In light of my previous projects, this was a good learning experience.
Mario Kart music videos, video

title: Preview for Conker's Bad Fur Day
Completed: May 2001
Length: 1min 25sec

I was a long-time reader of the late GameFan Online, and if there's one uniquely positive feature they had, it would be their short custom-made preview videos that they produced to accompany their game reviews (something those "big name" game sites never do). In the spirit of GameFan's work, I made this preview for GamingCove.com shortly after the game's release. The music track is the BGM for one of the game's multiplayer modes, known as "The Heist".
This MPEG is the only copy I have of it. The 3-4 hours I spent working on it, including playing the game, capturing video, and editing, was fun. Not sure yet if I want to produce a full-blown music video.

title: Zelda 64 ver. 2.0
Completed: September 2000
Length: 3min 33sec

This is the "sequel" aka "replacement" of the old Zelda video I made back in high school. It's pretty much what the old video should've been: a more polished "first work" that shows its inspiration from the Zelda64 trailer. Some elements from the old video are present in this one. "ver. 2.0" utilizes tracks from the anime series, The Vision of Escaflowne, and other various Zelda musical pieces. It's also the first video I made with my Matrox Marvel G400-TV!
I was a beginner when I made this, which should explain the quality of the editing.
I spent an entire summer month to make this. I made use of my extra save files and played through the game again, capturing along the way. The current copy is a revised version of the one I made available a long while ago. I cut out about 35sec of useless stuff. I even brightened it up a bit after earlier complaints that the picture was too dark. This is probably the last update it will ever get; I won't bother remaking it. It's nearly 2 years old, so it's about time I left it alone for good. Dwelling on old work isn't really a good thing, you know. If you're wondering about the possibility of a Majora's Mask video, I doubt there'll be one, but that doesn't mean it won't make an appearance in a GC-Zelda video...
Zelda music videos, video nintendodsgames youtube

title: "Zelda video"
Completed: Q1 1999
Length: I don't remember

Yep, this is in memory of the original Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time video I made in my high school "multimedia productions" class. Seeing that fantastic one-minute TV trailer for the game's big November release prompted me to make this. The first time I played through the game, I recorded all the cutscenes and boss fights onto VHS. I then brought those to class and captured/edited that footage using the PCs with Miro DC30 cards and Adobe Premiere 4.2 provided. I ended up with 5 minutes of personalized Zelda goodness that's too embarrassingly bad to show you today. My only copy of it is a Hi-Fi VHS copy that's nearly as old as Ocarina of Time itself. To pop that into a VCR and capture it again would risk damaging the tape, losing it forever. There, that's my excuse. No, I won't let you see it. *_*

youtube nintendodsg stole/plagiarized the Zelda and Got Melee? music videos. ass.

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