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:: A record of old experiments. Not available to view.
:: Special Thanks to SteveMV, and Red-Dwarf.

title: CT Fun
Completed: August 2001
Length: 1min 24sec

Here's a little something I whipped together in a couple aftenoons. Basically, it's the old "Rogue Spear Slideshow" with an extra mini-video added to the end of it, for the sake of having more length. It's a selection of various SpecOps/SWAT footage I've collected over the years with a lean towards "Rainbow-style" action. Of course, I used another piece from the Rogue Spear soundtrack to go along with it. There isn't much in the way of editing, but hey, the footage kicks ass, and so does composer Bill Brown.

All the live-action footage here was captured off VHS copies of the shows I taped.

title: Key Largo
Completed: December 2000
Length: 1min 48sec

Here's a short vid I put together featuring the late Brandon Lee in the film The Crow. The musical/visual artistic style and emotional subjects (pain, love, insanity, justice) are what I enjoy about the film and character. It's very sad The Crow was Brandon's last work. At the least, the role of undead "Eric Draven" shows Brandon stepped out of his father's shadow to offer his own cinema identity. The music track is "Prayer" from the Casltevania: Nocturne in the Moonlight OST.
The footage was captured from the VHS release, if you must know.

title: Rogue Spear Slideshow
Completed: July 2000
Length: 44sec

I love Rainbow Six; don't you too? Anyway, here is MY idea of a slideshow: a quick little collection of screenshots from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear played with one of the music tracks off the game CD.
What are you looking at? Scroll back up and look at "CT Fun" instead.

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