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:: Nintendo 64 Multimedia ::

:: Click the screen shots to access the download page.
:: I captured these clips myself. Processing/transcoding authentic N64 footage sucks.
:: Most N64 games ran at 20 or 30fps, with weird field outputs, in a native resolution of 256x224.
:: These clips serve as a reminder of how the N64 looked compared to today's fancy 3D graphics.
:: If you think a particular movie is a spoiler, it probably is a spoiler.

nintendo 64 movies (N64)

:: Sin and Punishment

Gameplay tutorial.
(Wii Virtual Console)

Saki sample gamepaly.
(Wii Virtual Console)

Airan sample gameplay.
(Wii Virtual Console)

:: Mario Tennis / Sin and Punishment

Silly opening. THE RETURN OF DAISY.
(Wii Virtual Console)

Sample gameplay.
(Wii Virtual Console)

(Wii Virtual Console)

:: Mario Kart 64 / Super Smash Bros.

Opening sequence.
(Wii Virtual Console)

Crazy opening.
(Wii Virtual Console)

How to Play.
(Wii Virtual Console)

:: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Majora's Mask

Serene opening.
(GameCube Zelda Collection)

The legendary Hylian/Hyrule Loach.
(GameCube Master Quest)

Serene opening.
(GameCube Zelda Collection)

:: Super Mario 64

The famous opening.
(Wii Virtual Console)

Introduction. The invitation to awesome.
(Wii Virtual Console)

Ending and credits.
(Wii Virtual Console)

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