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Don't expect any major updates until January 2003, including my next video feature. I won't have the propper time I can dedicate towards this site and any video work until the Holidays arrive.


Site is now hosted at Mightor Industries. Some music videos are available once again.


Some Resident Evil Zero movies are now up. There'll also be some minor changes here and there since the site is moving to a new host.


Well, I received my copy of Resident Evil Zero on the 11th, and I've been enjoying it since yesterday morning. Pre-ordering direct from Capcom apparently allowed me to receive the product early, even if it's only by a day. I even got the "Raccoon PD S.T.A.R.S. Unit" t-shirt and a silly "Figher's Edge" baseball cap free with the (pre)order. And of course, RE Zero media coming soon.

Oh, and the "Mightor" links for my videos will be down for a while. They'll come back.


The lovely, high-rez StarFox Adventures trailer from the promo DVD is online. I Iike this trailer much more than any of the previous [SFA] ones, largely in part cuz it's not stupid Quicktime, it's not WMV, the editing is much tighter, and the music is absolutely fab; reminiscent of the old Zelda64: Ocarina of Time trailer. This trailer should've been shown ages ago.


The "Coming Soon" teaser trailer, also on the promo DVD, featuring footage from the new Legend of Zelda, F-Zero, 1080: Avalanche, and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle, is available.


Two huge (640x480) Metroid Prime trailers from the DVD are now available.


Media updates are finally trickling in: StarFox Adventures (GCN) intro movies and the first Pikmin (GCN) clip are available. NeoGohan's generous hosting for got melee? has come to an end. The Mushroom Kingdom has also been added to the 'links' section.

Oh, I failed to mention that I just picked up the free promo DVD for the upcoming GameCube titles, especially Metroid Prime, from my local Toys R Us. LOTS of very nice trailers and footage, it has. I'll try to rip them and upload them as soon as I can -- who knows when I'll finish.


Sorry, since my personal branch of MightorIndustries.net is acting stupid the little download page that's supposed to show you the video links isn't loading up due to server time-outs. So in case you're having trouble, you can use these links and enter them in Getright:


Entering these into your browser will likely not work, and give you a time-out error. Just use Getright.


I finally got DSL -- you know what that means: N-Racing is online and ready to download. It's music video description was also slightly updated to reflect its latest DivX5 incarnation. Media updates will start flowing in over the next few days.


Some long-awaited updates are coming: media for Pikmin, StarFox Adventures (GCN), Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Super Smash Bros (N64). I'm not sure about the Conker's BFD movies tho, maybe if enough people email me saying they want to see some then I might go ahead and capture them.

First thing's first tho: DSL's coming in a couple days. Once that's taken care of, I can start uploading and we'll see things pop up -- INCLUDING my old (but re-encoded) N-Racing music video that several visitors have expressed interest in downloading.


Season Romance and Key Largo will be offline for some time today, due to a little "routine server maintenance". If they seem to download fine, then the maintenance was already finished.

And another mirror for got melee? was added. It's also hosted by Mightor Industries, and is the most recent DivX encode, being *slightly* clearer than any previous build.


Whoa, sorry about that everyone, the links I posted for Season Romance and such found HERE, were kinda messed up, but they're fixed now. Hurry hurry hurry, download download.


Game media update: Resident Evil's Jill Valentine's "nice" dress, Super Mario Sunshine gameplay movie, and Super Mario 64's intro and ending are ready for the taking/downloading.

Season Romance (my Ranma music video I chose to deprive everyone of for some time), and Key Largo are back online. N-Racing will return shortly.


I do have music video and media updates coming up; I can't accurately specify when, but they're coming.


BOTH parts (1 and 2) of Super Mario Sunshine's (GCN) introduction are online now. Check the 'game media' section.


Scratch AWA -- I've got my hands full, too full, to send anything to the music video exposition. Ah well, maybe next time. It's not like it's an alternative to video hosting, anyway.

I'm in the process of uploading the Mario Sunshine movies, as you can see in the 'game media' section. Just another day to finish that, then I can move on to some Resident Evil (GCN) media (and lots more).


My bad, it was FedEx, not UPS, that delivered Super Mario Sunshine yesterday at 10-friggin'-AM in the morning. I'll spare the loud praise and say it's simply amazing, challening, and fun. Go buy it.

I'm aiming to have three Mario Sunshine movies ready for the weekend, covering most of the introduction and some gameplay. Also, I want to have more movies of N64 classics available, which should include the intro and ending to Super Mario 64, the intros to Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, Super Smash Bros., and an extensive movie collection from (one of my favs) Conker's Bad Fur Day. Yes, the Grim Reaper, Tediz, toilet humor and all.


A UPS delivery is what stands between me and my Sunshine... so no, I don't have Mario yet. On the bright side, the aforementioned Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (GCN) movies are online.


UPS (that brown truck kicks ass) just dropped off my new JVC S-VHS VCR today. With that, I can now submit an S-VHS copy of got melee? to Anime Weekend Atlanta's music video exhibition coming this September for the hell of it, despite the fact I'm not even attending. Unfortunately, the Shenmue project I'm working on won't be finished in time for submission, cuz I'm lazy, and I'm moving back to that strange far-away place weird people like to call "college". Plus, there's just too many nice games to play and Love Hina DVDs to buy. My pre-ordered copy of Super Mario Sunshine should be arriving on the 26th or 27th, thanks to EBgame's FREE One-day Air Shipping promotion I caught online 3-4 months ago. And hell, two days ago I pre-ordered StarFox Adventures, ALSO with FREE One-day Air Shipping, from EBgames. Man, those free shipping special offers are great. I don't like GameStop. Expect some nice Mario Sunshine media soon.


I've got several Eternal Darkness (GCN) media clips in the works. Give me a couple days to get them uploaded.


The opening movie from Sega's Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (GCN) is online again.


Several insignificant updates here and there... like Chris Redfield's introduction from Resident Evil (GCN) ready for downloading. I really am trying to get new media online, but playing Super Monkey Ball with my friends is so hard to pass up.


Where to begin... Zelda 64 ver. 2.0 is now up at FilePlanet. I'm not sure WTF was going on, but their servers have been busy for the past week, so it was only until today that I was able to connect and upload that video to them. The nice long introduction to the lovely Jill Valentine from Resident Evil (GCN) is also online for your survival pleasure. Our 'links' section is finally back and we might have a decent host for the vids sometime in the foreseeable future. Yay.


The Super Smash Bros. Melee CG opening movie, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time opening, and Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask opening are up at FilePlanet now. The 'about' section and 'music videos' section received updates too. Resident Evil (GCN) media, and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle media are coming, and I'll finally have a decent 'links' section. My Zelda64 tribute's also returning.


The Eternal Darkness FMV opening is available at FilePlanet. More stuff coming up.


Well, the redesign is finally here. There's still a couple minor sections I need to work out, otherwise everything else is as functional as before, albeit in a fat-free way. That's right, no more frames. Also, surprisingly, the day after I submitted got melee? to FilePlanet, it was posted on the front page, and for the past 6 days it's been up there, it's been downloaded over 900 times -- neato, huh? I will try submitting some of my other videos and game clips as well, so stay tuned. And thanks goes to the FilePlanet visitor(s) who've greeted me "keep up the good work". I appreciate it.


To confirm, the FTP server is officially gone and all media clips will be down for the meantime, until I can find a suitable host. On the bright side, NeoGohan.net is still (temporarily) hosting the DivX 4 version of "got melee?" while the DivX 5 version is immediately up at GameSpy's FilePlanet. As for my other video works, they probably won't return unless I see considerable demand for them. I'm also thinking about redesigning the site.


As of July 23, 2002, Pacific Standard Time, the FTP server will be permanently OFFLINE, so download anything while you still can. Sorry it's turned out that way, but that's life, and it was good while it lasted. Practically all files will be offline indefinitely, and I cannot accurately say when they'll securely return. If you're interested in helping me out in some way, email me, otherwise, cheers everyone.

In the meantime, the DivX 4 version of my Super Smash Bros. Melee music video, "got melee?", is still available at NeoGohan.net. Get it here.


I would like to take this moment and Congratulate my good friend Red-Dwarf who was married yesterday. The ceremony was beautiful and it was simply Good Times through and through. I wish the new Mr. & Mrs. Dwarf a long, happy life together. I love you guys. In other news, I'm also the unwilling recipient of the bride's garter. Did Red-Dwarf intentionally throw it at me? I don't know. Fate is a very mysterious thing. I can't tell what will become of me, nor do I have a desire to find out. The future always transforms into the present as it seems fit. Regardless, Good Times everyone.

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