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BIGGER NOTE: This page was last updated in 2010. The interweb has changed a bit since then. Don't expect any or all of this software to work as described, since they may not be compatible with newer hardware, operating systems, and web browsers. Just read for your own amusement and go back to your previous page.

Note: Six Sided Video is not responsible for any changes you make to your computer and/or web browser. Six Sided Video is not affiliated with DivX/DivX Labs. As of this writing, the DivX "company" has gone stupid and no longer supports their software nor works on anything meaningful (for Stage6 users, at least); the fun times and experiments are over. Read all instructions on this page before attempting to follow any of it. You either understand what you're going to do, or you're taking an "acceptable risk" with your computer; if it sounds troublesome, leave it alone.

DivX Web Player Plug-In
Streaming movie playback in your web browser

1. Download the latest DivX Web Player from DivX.com.

2. After the download is finished, close all web browser windows and run the DivX Web Player installer.

3. After the installation is complete, open your web browser and try watching some movies.

>> try this test video << (bookmark it first?)

If you're experiencing crashing/stability issues with the DivX Web Player, try a previous version below (these old versions will only play .divx and .avi files like those on this site). Be sure to close all browser windows and uninstall your existing DivX Web Player before installing a different version.

Locally hosted OLD install packages: (these installers are also found at DivX Labs)
DivX Web Player 1.5 for Windows
DivX Web Player 1.4 for Mac OS

If the movies still don't work, disable/uninstall the DivX Web Player plug-in and just save the movies to your computer...

DivX Video Decoding
Watch saved movies in your media player

Here's three basic options, two of which allow you to watch standard DivX movies (.divx, or DivX .avi) in various media players, such as your default Windows Media Player, or Media Player Classic (my personal favorite).

==== Option #1: Official DivX Package
(for general users; Windows and Mac platforms)

This installs the official DivX Codec software that should allow playback in most media players.

1. Download the latest DivX release from DivX.com. You don't need the "Pro" version or "Converter" or anything like that. (Buying the Pro version will NOT improve/fix playback of anything. The free codec is enough to watch DivX movies. The Pro version is useful to users who make DivX content and want extra options that aren't included in the free package; the Pro version is also meant to make money off gullible people.)

2. Run the DivX installer. Only install the "codec" component of the package. All other items can be disabled/unchecked (you will not like the official DivX Player anyway - it runs like crap).

3. Make sure to associate .divx and .avi files with your media player if they don't open automatically.

==== Option #2: VLC media player
(for general users; Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms)

This installs the popular VLC media player, which can play a bunch of media formats by itself.

1. Download the latest VLC media player release from VideoLAN.org.

2. Run the VLC media player installer. Make sure it's set to view DivX movies, if it asks.

3. Make sure to associate .divx and .avi files with this media player if they don't open automatically.

==== Option #3: FFDShow Video Decoder
(for adventurous users; Windows platforms only)

For those that like to explore, FFDShow is a decoder that can play a variety of video formats (and audio) and provides many options for tweaking your audio/video output. It runs in the background alongside your media player.

1. Download the latest FFDShow release from Free-Codecs.com.

2. Run the FFDShow installer. Make sure it's set to decode all "DivX __" versions.

3. Make sure to associate .divx and .avi files with your media player if they don't open automatically.

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