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2014/06/10 - Online w/ Pietriots, Rainbow Road, Mario Kart TV highlights.

RABICLE ROAD! YEAH! Possibly the best way to spend that morning: playing Mario Kart 8 with friends while waiting for Nintendo's E3 presentation to start. Didn't expect this epic moment of redemption...

The first time RABicle ("Roli") declared Rainbow Road to be "RABicle Road" was an online race back on Mario Kart DS, ending in spectacular failure (he got dead last). Of course, the Pietriots would never forget that blunder. Fast forward to Mario Kart 8: to our shock and amazement, he manages to STEAL THE WIN by a hair at the finish line. The looks by the drivers in the slow-mo replay tell it all.

Well done, RABicle. This is how E3 should be.

Special guests include former Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi and the Pakistani Cricket Fan.
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