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Length: 2:42
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Total Bitrate: 26.9 MB/min
Source: 720p digicam
Live demo montage with my ``Perfect Shot Gun`` for Wii and two other favorites.

Non-game or true FPS? Here's more examples of calibrated "1:1" aiming. Six years later, it's still amazing that the Wii Menu pointer works out-of-the-box and game-specific calibration takes about 4 seconds; only few consumers had the courage to fuss with expensive motion cameras that did everything "better than Wii" as long as you *only used it to dance*. 2006 tech still shines.

One big difference from the Sniper Rifle video is the footage of the in-game cursor lined up thru the shotgun's sight post, using The House of the Dead 3's calibration screen. Forgive me while I'm holding my digi-cam to the gun and the stock to my collar while trying to keep it steady, wishing I had 5 hands. Be assured that the cursor follows the sight posts fine when you avoid the screen margins, and always be mindful of the slight Wiimote lag (mostly due to how well the software processes Wii IR pointer data, rather than the "input lag" issue present in HDTVs that suck). The audio is also a little crap; I didn't realize my game volume was too low for my little camera. Recorded some Ghost Squad and House of the Dead: Overkill, but no PS3 Move games like Killzone 3 or SOCOM 4 or Resident Evil 5, or any poor rail shooter attempts like Medal of Honor or Wii U Call of Duty or Cabela's Stupid Hunts; just focus on games that work.
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