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Gameplay 4. HKG vs. BRA. I LOSE.

Got my ass handed to me.

Here's an example of a more challenging match.

Not only am I affected by the capture lag issue, but the shortcomings of the game's AI and other stupid design choices begin to show.

First, by default, my AI partner is BRAINDEAD and requires hours of play and leveling up to be responsive and useful -- simply not happening after a few Arcade Mode matches. She won't cover the court properly and doesn't take advantage of power shots.

Second, and even more frustrating, the game tends to automatically MOVE YOU around the court against your will. I can't say it's trying to be helpful in maintaining formations in conjunction with the AI partner, cuz it's not helpful. I end up fighting the movement controls for a second and having to scramble to correct the stupid positioning. With my own response and defense compromised, my AI partner enters the equation and thus the game sets you up for failure. This phenomenon is what differentiates Beach Spikers' gameplay from the Nintendo-tested perfection of Mario Tennis.
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