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Rayman Raving Rabbids
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Official trailer.


Dance1: Good Time pt2.

Dance2: Girls Just Want To Have Fun pt2.

Dance3: Dark Iron Bunnies pt2.

Dance4: Misirlou pt3.

Minigame1: Bunnies like to stuff themselves.

Minigame2: Bunnies never close doors.

Minigame3: Bunnies are slow to react.

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Jukebox - 01 - Misirlou 3.53 MB click!
Jukebox - 02 - Good Time 5.44 MB click!
Jukebox - 03 - Girls Just Want To Have Fun 4.86 MB click!
Jukebox - 04 - Hip Hop Hooray 6.34 MB click!
Jukebox - 05 - La Bamba 4.37 MB click!
Jukebox - 06 - Dark Iron Bunnies 3.36 MB click!
Jukebox - 07 - The Butcher Deejay 3.70 MB click!
Jukebox - 08 - Ubisoft Montpellier Choir 3.06 MB click!
*Analog Audio Capture
*Tracks updated as of 01-11-2008

Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier Studio
Published by Ubisoft
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