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Cursed Mountain
streaming videos in DivX Media Format

September 2008 teaser trailer.

December 2008 trailer.

March 2009 gameplay video 1.

March 2009 gameplay video 2.

E3 2009 trailer.

Viral clips of scared casual gamers.

August 2009 launch trailer.

Ch1 introduction.

Ch2 gameplay 1.

Ch2 gameplay 2.

Ch3 gameplay 1.

Combat at high altitude.

Behind The Scenes DVD (Cursed Mountain Limited Edition)

BTS 1: Story & Mythical Background.

BTS 2: The World of the Himalayas.

BTS 3: Voices in the Wind.
BTS 4: Art Direction.

BTS 5: Enemies & Encounters.

Developed and published by Deep Silver
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