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Tales of Symphonia
streaming videos in DivX Media Format

E3 2004 trailer.

Anime FMV opening. International version.
*Non-vocal, orchesrated soundtrack.

Anime FMV opening. JPN "J-pop" version.
*Featuring "Starry Heavens"
by 'day after tomorrow.'

Unison Attack: Lightning Tiger Blade.

Unison Attack: Arch Wind.

Unison Attack: Lightning Punishment.

Summon: Sylph. GIRL POWER!

Unison Attack: Prism Stars.

Unison Attack: Stardust Rain. 203 hits!

VS. Abyssion. This was.

VS. Abyssion. A very.

VS. Abyssian. Long fight.

Zelos VS. Seles.

Colosseum Team Battle Mania exhibition.

Ending anime FMV.
Kawaii Sheena skit.
*Not translated

Sheena and Corrine music video.
*Not translated

Developed by Namco Tales Studio
Published by Namco
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