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Resident Evil 4
streaming videos in DivX Media Format
(also see the RE4: Wii Edition page)

Capcom Five debut trailer.

Footage of cancelled "Hook Man" version.

Official trailer, debuted in Las Vegas.

Badass full-length E3 trailer. 3min version.
*Violent. 3min of badass.

TGS 2k4 trailer.
*Violent. 3min of badass.

In-store trailer, w/ the Lady in Red.

Some bonus costumes.

Fun with hacks, starring Ada Wong.
*Violent. Silly.

Other hacks, fun with friends.
*Violent. Silly.

Making Of - Launch Bonus DVDs

the making of biohazard4.
*Not translated

the making of resident evil 4.

Developed by Production Studio 4
Published by Capcom
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